Any successful insurance agent knows that being there for your clients after a sale is made is just as important (if not more) as being there for them prior to that.

Most people buy insurance in the hopes of never having to use it, but unfortunately life has other plans sometimes. Between cross-checking the coverage available in their plan and preparing the necessary set of documents, having to file a claim is not the easiest of tasks and it can get pretty intimidating for a client.

An important step in being recognised as an expert at what you do is by being there for your clients when they need you the most. Here are some ways you can try to ease the claims process for your clients:


1. Help your clients understand what’s covered and what’s not

Ensuring a smooth claims process starts all the way from the policy delivery stage. Although the coverage may have been explained during the sales process, take them through the policy once again and highlight exactly what coverage they can expect.


claims process

Be sure to let your clients know if there are any procedures or conditions
that are not covered by their plan.


This is a highly-recommended step to avoid unpleasant instances where a client may feel cheated when they try to make a claim only to find out their condition is not covered by their plan after all.


2. Be present

claims process

Your client would most definitely appreciate your presence to guide them through the process.


Try to make it a point to be there in person for your client who is in need to utilise their insurance plan – whether they’ve met with an accident or are in need to be hospitalised. With the specific (and sometimes lengthy) procedures involved in utilising insurance benefits, the last thing your client needs in this difficult time is the headache of figuring it all out. Be that familiar face who knows exactly what to do and guide them through the process.


3. Don’t take anything personally

A client who has a need to utilise their insurance plan is likely not feeling their best – they could be hurting from a car crash or are nervous to face their first ever surgery. Remind yourself of that fact in the event that your clients end up lashing out at seemingly small things or are difficult to communicate with. Be patient and remember not to take these things to heart! Maintain your professionalism and they will be grateful for all you’ve done when their head is clearer. As a bonus, they most likely won’t think twice to share about your stellar service to their family and friends.


4. Share the list of documents that needs to be compiled

As you’re probably aware, there are specific documents required in order for a client’s claims to be processed. For hospitalised clients, it helps to share the list of documents a day or two before your client is due to be discharged from the hospital. This gives them time to look out for the documents needed as they’re being discharged – and to request for the documents from the hospital immediately if it’s not included in their discharge documents.

Seek a close family member’s help to compile the documents if the client isn’t in the best position to do so themselves.


If you feel that your client isn’t in the best shape to be thinking of menial paperwork, pass the information on to their closest family member instead, which could be a spouse, a parent, or a sibling. Seek their help to look out for the necessary documents on behalf of the client, and remember to share your contact details with them should they need to reach you urgently on things they are unclear about.


5. Advise them on the expected timeline

Manage your clients’ expectations by sharing the estimated date they can expect to receive their reimbursement. Be sure to let them know that they company may request for additional information or documents during the claims process if necessary, which could delay the reimbursement.


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