Let’s face it – being an insurance agent in Malaysia is a lot more challenging than most people know. Sure, there’s nothing fun about offering advice on morbid things like accidental deaths and critical illnesses but hey, they’re important to discuss and someone’s gotta do it right? If only your prospects knew these basic truths about being an agent.

7 Things Insurance Agent Secretly Wish Malaysians Knew


1. You come in peace. REALLY!

Nobody likes to be sold to, and you know it. Which is why you deserve so much credit for your perseverance. It’s not easy to face rejection all the time, when the simple truth is this: All you’re offering is a little financial planning advice. And on top of that, you are doing it for free! There is really nothing wrong with saying No, but give it a chance, it is for their own good.


2. You miss (some of) your family and friends

Any agent would remember the first few months of starting an insurance job. Suddenly, even the people closest to you stop answering your calls. Your WhatsApp texts tend to get blue ticks but zero replies. Starting out wasn’t fun at all. In fact it was down right demotivating. But on the bright side, you also remember the ones who trusted in you and supported you all the way!


3. The one who stands to gain the most out of the insurance plan is the customer – not you

Of course lah you want me to buy insurance, you want the commission!

While it’s true that you receive a certain amount of commission from a sale, you sometimes wish your prospects realised that: Insurance is a necessity for everyone, whether or not the agent gets anything out of it. The policyholder is the true benefitting one. Having access to a coverage plan that, depending on the policy bought, protects them even at 80 years old.


4. You work hard to get to where you are now

People envy your flexible working hours. They think you sit at home all day and come out to shake hands with a few prospects once in awhile. But what they don’t see are those insane sales targets you need to hit, the late-night meets at the mamak with your prospective clients, and all the painful times you get hung up on.



5. Sometimes you still get nervous talking to people

You could have been doing this for 2 months or 2 years but when you work a job that includes having rejection for breakfast, it takes a whole lot more guts to pick up that phone. You might look and sound confident on the outside, but if only they knew the panic attacks happening on the inside.


6. You can pretty much tell which of your prospects will go on to be successful in life – and which of them probably won’t

It’s unfortunate to hear the “no budget” excuse for buying insurance coming from the same people who are Instagramming the new sports rims they’ve just splurged on. However it also gives you a good sense at identifying which of your prospects are certain about their financial goals and which ones aren’t quite there yet. Either way, you’re happy to help in any way you can.



7. Yes, it IS a real job – and you’re loving it!

No, it’s not a phase you’re going through and if you’re being honest, you’re tired of hearing people wonder when you’re going to get a “real job”. Being an insurance agent has taught you valuable lessons on interpersonal skills while bumping up your financial planning knowledge, and you do it all in the company of a wonderful, motivational team. And perhaps most importantly, you get to help people plan their future. It is a job, and it is a noble one too!
Despite the challenges of being an agent, you know you’ve made the right choice in life and you’re proud of all the achievements you’ve had to date! You feel blessed to be working in an environment that encourages you to be brave, and to think positive.

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