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2020 Certificate of Excellence Winners

In July 2020, We have announced the winners of the 2020 Certificate of Excellence. Out of 3,000+ insurance and takaful agents registered in the directory, 9 agents have fulfilled the requirements.... Read More

PolicyPal – Successful InsureTech in Singapore. Malaysia next?

PolicyPal is one of the first FinTech companies that is selling insurance online. The term FinTech stands for Financial Technology. Companies are described as FinTech or InsureTech companies (Insurance Technology), when they use new technologies to improve existing processes. For example, instead of... Read More

iBanding at Echelon 27 Start-Up event in Vietnam

Hurray!!! iBanding has made its debut appearance at a startup event at the Echelon 27 in Vietnam! Echelon or better known as e27, is a two-day event which aims to empower entrepreneurs by providing a platform for technology entrepreneurs to come for the sharing of experience and vision for the future.... Read More

2016 half-year results show a tough year for Detariffication

PIAM has released half-year results for the General  Insurance Market in Malaysia and the numbers do not look good. In summary, the General Insurance Premium grew by 3%. This is less than the forecasted inflation rate of 3.4% (Source: Malaysia... Read More

Winter is coming to the Malaysian Insurance Market

Following the well known quote of the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming”. Except this time it is to Malaysia. If you are not familiar with the phrase, check out the GoT Wikipedia for the meaning of... Read More

How to improve your listing to get more insurance leads?

You have signed-up on Malaysia’s First Insurance Directory, but you are not receiving any leads? This is not uncommon, because customers decide to click on an agent profile and view within less than a second. We easily can understand that,... Read More

PIAM offers further insights on detariffication for insurance agents

On August 4th, 2016, PIAM held their 2016 Agency Convention at Bangsar South Nexus. The briefing gave further insights to what can be expected with the implementation of Detariffication in Malaysia. Ms. Jessica Chew Cheng, Assistant Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia kicked off... Read More

What can agents expect in the first year of Detariffication?

Great article posted on the website Malaysia Insurance Online what agents can expect from insurance companies in regards to products during the Detariffication. So what can agents expect from insurance companies in the first year? In summary, when it comes to... Read More