You’ve probably seen others doing it and decided that as an insurance agent, you too should make full use of your Facebook personal page or even create a specialized business page to market your insurance product. After all, why not? It is a great tool to reach a wider audience without actually having to do much physical work.

If you haven’t tried it out, you may think that the occasional posting of product advertisements and information sharing is enough to spark interest and generate leads through your Facebook pages. But those who tried it, realized soon after that it is not even easy to get people to engage with your posts (like, comment, share), let alone receive any lead through them.

So if you haven’t tried, or have tried but not getting the kind of success you hope for, here are some Facebook marketing tips for you.


4 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Insurance Agents

1. Create a professional looking Facebook page

This means no blurry photos please! People do not have time to stop to read every single post on their newsfeed. Instead, they screen through it quickly and pause whenever something catches their eyes. Make that something be your attractive pictures.

Purchase a smartphone with a decent camera. Learn some photography tips on YouTube. And start putting more care with each picture you take with the intention to post onto Facebook. Use Fiverr if you need to create logos, or add professional looking graphics or even short videos to your page for only 5 US dollars.Or use PicMonkey for free and create beautiful graphics yourself to enhance the look of your page and brand.

Make sure you have a cover photo and that your ‘About’ section clearly defines who you are and the services you offer. Don’t do this in a hurry. Come back to visit it every few weeks to see if it is still current.


2. Don’t sell

People are constantly being bombarded by advertisements, in any type, shape and form. When they watch their beloved football team in action on TV every weekend; when they drive along the highway, and when they listen to their favorite radio station. So when they come on Facebook, the last thing they want to see is more advertisement.

Don’t repeat the advertisements provided by your insurers because chances are they’ve already seen it (a dozen times). Your friends on Facebook are not interested in what you have to sell. They are interested in what you are up to.

When you close a sale, instead of sounding boastful and posting pictures of the policy (or medical card – yes many do this), share a funny story about how you met the client, or how nervous he made you feel. Make it short. People appreciate honesty and humility.


3. Take advantage of the latest (sensational) news

There are simply too many outlets that share information about insurance already. So you need to be sensitive about what your audience/ followers want to know. You cannot go wrong with the latest and hottest topics. So stay current with the latest goings-on.

If there is a case with a rejected life insurance claim that has been making headline news nationwide, cover it. And do so quickly! The more sensational they are the better. Giving clarification and sharing your opinion on the matter will show off your knowledge. This reassures your followers (read: potential customers) that you are current and you truly know your stuff.

Don’t forget to ask questions such as: “what do you guys think about this?” to encourage your followers to comment on the post. This is a great way to boost engagement that can lead to an increased exposure to a wider audience, while building a reputation for yourself as an industry expert.

Try to write a good post at least once a week to make sure that your followers don’t forget you. If you can do it two to three times a week is even better. But if you don’t have anything to write, just publish shorter, informal posts or even one or two thought provoking quotes.


4. Everybody loves quizzes and giveaways

Conduct fun quizzes occasionally. Ask simple questions you know people will respond easily to which will again, boost engagement to your page. Such as:

  • Why don’t people trust insurance agents?
  • If car insurance isn’t mandatory, would you still buy it?

Alternatively, you can also try out giveaways. For instance, for every 3rd person who requests for a consultation with you, they will receive a health screen test for free. Or a free car wash for anyone who requests a car insurance quotation. So be creative and make it fun.


Now that you’ve decided to dabble in Facebook marketing, make sure you don’t repeat some of the most common Facebook mistakes that insurance agents make. Read below article to find out what they are!



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