You have signed-up on Malaysia’s First Insurance Directory, but you are not receiving any leads? This is not uncommon, because customers decide to click on an agent profile and view within less than a second. We easily can understand that, because we are flooded with information and use simple rules like “Do I like the picture?” to help us decide if it is worthwhile to explore or not. 

Having a complete profile is number one priority!

The biggest mistake that agents on our directory make is to not provide the minimum information to have a complete profile. A complete profile consists of:

  • Picture
  • Agency Name and Agent Name
  • Address

Love at first sight exist

A picture says more than thousand words that is why it is very important to have a good and friendly profile picture in the directory. First impression counts and viewers make their first decision based on the picture they see. Agent profile with pictures get 100x more clicks than profiles without pictures. Pictures matters and are the number one insurance lead generators for you. Add a picture of yourself to show people who you are. You can have multiple pictures on your profile.

Tip 1: Add additional Pictures 

Tell them who you are

Once the first hurdle is taken and the customer has clicked on your profile, you can provide more information to impress your potential customers. You can provide information about your business focus and even list the awards that you have won. Tell your customers who you are in a short description. Ideally in 100-150 words, but anything is better than nothing.


Good agent profile with description

Example of a good agent profile with additional information of his business focus.

Here are a few questions that can guide you in what to write. But don’t limit yourself, write what you believe will get customers to contact you.

  • What is your insurance specialty or business focus?
  • Do you have something unique about you that makes you different from other agents?
  • What kind of customers are you looking for or most comfortable in working with?

Tip 2: Add description about yourself and business focus.

Build your online presence

If you are reading this article, you already have proven that you are 80% more pro-active than most Malaysian agents. In today’s digital world it is important to be digitally presence with an online website. It is even better if you are active on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social networks help you to easily connect with customer and learn what is important in their lives. Your insurance leads will improve if you also show that you are online present with a webpage.

If you have a webpage already, then you might know what SEO stands for and why it is important to work on SEO for your webpage. For those of you not familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) check out a good introductory video below on Youtube.

Tip 3: List your webpage, facebook or twitter account on the directory.

When you have a webpage and add a link to your listing you automatically improve the credibility of your webpage. This will help you in your ranking not only on Google and other search engines, but it will also help you get more insurance leads and offer more customized information to any visitor to our listing. Last but not least, if your webpage is done well, you show that you are a professional who is dedicated to insurance, because you have your own webpage.


With three simple steps you can improve your listing significantly and generate more leads for your insurance business. If you want to change entries of your listing, email us under and we will make the changes for you. Alternatively, you can just register as a new agent and let us know to delete your old account. 

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