Honoring Best Insurance Agents with Certificate of Excellence
– a letter from Luke Roho, Co-founder and CEO, iBanding


Dear agent,

As you may know, the Insurance Agent Directory have been around for over two years. And during those times, we have been thinking of how best we could celebrate agents on our directory who have constantly strive to serve their customers with utmost dedication and commitment.

No doubt, these agents stand out on their own, having more than the average number of stellar reviews and star ratings, they have been enjoying leads from prospects from all over the country.

Going into our third year here at iBanding, we believe we have come up with the best way to celebrate you, our agents on the directory, for your services provided to your customers and your effort in making a change in the community as well as the insurance industry. Hence, wI am proud today to announce the launch of iBanding’s Agent Certificate of Excellence, a recognition we offer to the agents that meet the criteria set forth.

We strongly believe that agents like you play a vital role in the industry and it is about time that your hard work and dedication should be acknowledge and rewarded. We hope that with the Certificate of Excellence, we are able to help give you the recognition that you deserve.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those of you who are recipients of the 2017 Certificate of Excellence. I know it is late, but we want to thank all the agents for signing up early with us and their continuous support in the past. We will be reaching out to you individually in the coming days to share the exciting things you can do to share this recognition with your existing and new customers.

And as for the 2018 Certificate of Excellence, we are in the midst of processing the list of agents who have already met all requirements for the honor. We will be notifying the agents soon.

Once again, thank you agents for being a part of the iBanding family and striving to make a difference in the community.

Yours sincerely,
Luke Roho
Co-founder & CEO, iBanding.com



Below are some information you may find useful about the Certificate of Excellence and for further clarification, you can also head over to our COE page here.

iBanding’s Agent Certificate of Excellence (COE)

The Certificate of Excellence is a yearly honor that aims to recognize Malaysian insurance and takaful agents who have consistently gained top-notch reviews from their existing customers as a testament to the quality of service offered and professionalism displayed.

How COE Benefits Insurance and Takaful Agents

The Certificate of Excellence is the first of its kind in Malaysia where agents will be awarded for their outstanding professionalism and services to their customers. The award is given based on actual customer online reviews and ratings of their experience in dealing with the agents and it takes into consideration the quality and quantity, as well as recency of the reviews submitted by their customers onto iBanding’s Insurance and Takaful Agent Directory.

This award is a very powerful statement and mark of quality that the certified agents can display everywhere, which can help agents gain the trust and respect of new clients. Agents with the Certificate of Excellence award will receive more favourable response from prospects on and off the iBanding Agent Directory.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@ibanding.com.


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