5 Effective Ideas You Can Use To Close More Sales

1. Listen

Don’t focus too much on selling. Listen to your prospect’s needs and goals. It’s common practice to pitch a one-plan-fits-all policy but doing so may not be the best fit for them, which lessens their chances of signing up.

Take note of the key things they share that could help you shape a more personalized solution for them. For example, for a father of young children who is concerned about rising education costs, a good education insurance plan or even a medical plan with an enhanced savings component may be the best solution.

The most important thing is to take the time to listen to their concerns in order to learn how to serve them better.


2. Make sure the decision-maker is present

“Let me ask my husband / wife first.” How many of your sales appointments have ended with this dreaded conclusion? Decrease the odds of that happening by inviting their significant other along for the meeting too.


close more sales

Try to have both the husband and wife around when pitching a plan.


Doing this enables you to address any concerns the both of them have instantly, and it gives your prospects a bigger motivation to sign up for the plan. In the case that they are still not interested to sign up, at least the decision is clear. This decreases the need for you to keep following up.


3. Request for your prospect to bring along a copy of their IC

Make it as easy as possible for your prospect to sign up for an insurance plan by having one requirement – the IC photocopy – already sorted out. Even if they’re not interested, all they would have to do is just hang on to their copy. However, if they are interested, having the IC copy ready is a simple yet extremely helpful benefit – it’s one less thing to think about when signing up.


close more sales

Make it as easy as possible for your prospects to sign up.


It’s common for agents not to do this, and instead rely on snapping a photo of the prospect’s IC should they be interested to sign up. However, do take note that privacy is a major concern and suggesting this may turn prospects off, who may not be comfortable with their agent having their personal information stored in their phone that way.


4. Help them find a way to afford the premium

Do you have prospects who are eager to sign up, but their limited budget is stopping them from doing so? Take another look at the plan you’re pitching them. See if you can remove the more expensive riders to match the budget they’re comfortable with. It’s better to start off with a basic plan first, rather than not at all, and your prospects can always opt for additional coverage when they’re more equipped to do so.


5. Create a sense of urgency

This is one of the oldest sales tricks in the book and there’s a good reason why – it works! Nobody likes to feel like they’re missing out on something, and that’s what makes this move highly effective. Give them a good reason why they need to sign up RIGHT NOW. It could be as simple as free gifts for sign-ups before a certain date.


close more sales

Setting a deadline is one of the best ways to encourage sales.


This move is best used when your prospects are already considering signing up. The sense of urgency kicks in to nudge them to act fast and sign up immediately, which results in a closed deal for you and no long-winded follow-ups.


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