Have there been times when you felt that this job as an insurance agent isn’t meant for you? That you felt worn out, exhausted – physically, emotionally and mentally? That you felt drained and unmotivated, and that you are left with no energy to meet anyone or answer phone calls?

You aren’t alone. It is a cycle that many of us go through from time to time. The key is to not wallow in this state for too long. Consciously pick yourself up and remind yourself why you chose this career in the first place. And if that isn’t enough, we will remind you why you should love doing what you do. Here’s a list.


Why it is great to be a takaful or and insurance agent

No. 1 – You love being with people

Just meeting new people, getting to know them, or even catching up with existing clients over coffee, gives you much enjoyment. You don’t necessarily see these meet-ups as an opportunity to close a sale, but just being there with your customers, knowing that you are connecting and interacting with other human being, is fulfilling enough.  


No. 2 – The flexibility and freedom it gives you

That’s right. Unlike a 9 – 5 job, you do not need to wake yourself up at 6 a.m, get stuck in traffic or get pushed around at the LRT station, be late for work, deal with office politics etc. Thinking about all of this will often times make you realize how lucky it is to be an insurance agent. You get to work when you want to, where you want to.


No. 3 – Knowing that you control your income and your destiny

Yes it requires a lot of discipline, but what job doesn’t? You have total control of how successful you can be. You do not need to rely on anyone’s approval of you. Or try to please anyone to be successful. You work independently and you know that as long as you work hard, aim to constantly grow and improve yourself in all aspects that are required to make it in this field, success can be yours.


No. 4 – You get to help others develop a sound financial plan for themselves

This empowering of others is the most rewarding to most of us. Knowing that you are assisting others plan their lives better by helping them choose the best product and protection solution. Knowing that you have helped them in obtaining peace of mind.  


No. 5 – You love a good challenge

Every person you meet is different, for no two people are alike. You never know what to expect with every new prospect you are about to meet. But this is what drives you. Because you know that this will only make you grow as a person, and makes you stronger and tougher. With every new person you meet, you are polishing your interpersonal skill and you will only get better.


No. 6 – It’s a constant learning process

It’s never a dull moment. The industry is dynamic, there’s always something new to learn. And you know that the more you know, the more you can better serve your customers by educating them and helping them in selecting the best product to suit their needs.


Insurance agent

It’s great to be an agent!


No. 7 – You build lasting relationships with your customers

You are not just an agent to your customers. You are also a friend, a confidant, a shoulder to lean on – someone they can trust and depend upon when things get tough. Your assurance is what they look for to convince themselves that everything will be all right. You get to come home at the end of the day and say to yourself, “Yes, I have helped someone today”, and that is the most wonderful feeling you could ever ask for as an insurance agent.


No. 8 – Because you have a great team who supports you

Having a great team is important. Not only you get the guidance you need, especially if you are new in the industry, but they are there to encourage and motivate you when lethargy starts to kick in. You know that to be truly successful, self-motivation is key. But you also know that your team helps you stay in focus, and provide valuable source of perspective and inspiration.


So there you have it, the many reasons why you should love being an insurance agent. We are certain many of you takaful or insurance agents out there who can relate to many of the points mentioned above. We would love to hear what you love most about your job. Please drop your comment below and let us know!

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