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One of our main objectives at is to educate the public and raise awareness about insurance to create insurance-savvy Malaysian consumers. Aside from our articles and other resources that we have published here on our website and our social media pages, this directory is intended to do just that.

Our Insurance Directory aims at helping the Malaysian consumers locate and compare all the insurance company in the country. You will find a list of all insurance companies along with useful contact information for general help and complaints. At the same time, you are also able to compare these insurance companies by looking at their ratings. These ratings are as voted by our readers as part of an on-going campaign we carry out to identify the best insurance provider in the country.

The Insurance Directory lists insurance companies in the whole of Malaysia, organised into 2 main categories: Life Insurance and General Insurance, and further broken down into Takaful and Conventional insurance. You have a choice of sorting the list by alphabetical order or by rating or rating count.

With the rating in place, our directory is particularly useful if you do not have any experience yet with any insurance provider and would like to get an idea on which insurance companies you should start in your search for a trustworthy and reliable insurer. This is also the perfect place to find a “replacement” insurer should you feel the need to switch due to whatever reason you may have.

How you can contribute to this list:

There are over 30 insurers in Malaysia, and we would like to eventually have ratings on all of them. The more complete our records on all the insurers, the better this directory can serve you and benefit the Malaysian consumers as a whole. Therefore, we need your help in letting us know the kind of experiences you have had with any of these insurance companies, be it a pleasant one or otherwise. You can add your own review here

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