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4 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Insurance Agents

You’ve probably seen others doing it and decided that as an insurance agent, you too should make full use of your Facebook personal page or even create a specialized business page to market your insurance product. After all, why not?... Read More

Sales Statistics Every Insurance Agent Needs to Know

Yes one of our main responsibilities as insurance agents is to add value to the lives of those we serve. But let’s admit it, we need sales. After all, we aren’t doing this for free. Sure we can be best... Read More

4 Ways To Becoming The Unforgettable Insurance Agent

  I still remember, 19 years go (not 20, not 15 but 19) I was at a nice restaurant on Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, having dinner with a close friend. After ordering our foods, I asked the young waiter if they... Read More

How to Build a Successful Insurance Agent Instagram Account

Instagram is probably one social media platform that doesn’t necessarily scream insurance. It’s obvious that Instagram is hyper-visual, it’s mostly organic and nearly every human adult uses it, making it super ideal for any newb brand to propel forward. Hear... Read More

5 Effective Ways to Follow Up without Annoying Your Customers

  Don’t forget to follow up! If you’re an insurance agent, or a salesperson, you’re probably tired of hearing this reminder from your mentor. To many of us, follow up is not our most favourite part of the job. In... Read More

Masih Teragak-Agak Untuk Buat Follow-Up? Cuba 5 Cara Ini

  Jangan lupa buat follow-up! Kalau anda ejen Takaful, atau salesman, mesti dah jemu dengar pesanan ni oleh team leader kan? Bagi ramai ejen, follow-up bukanlah satu proses yang digemari. Malah ramai yang berlengah-lengah untuk follow-up, atau sentiasa cari alasan... Read More

5 Tip Bahasa Tubuh Ejen Takaful Perlu Mahiri

  Menurut sebuah kajian dan model komunikasi oleh Albert Mehrabian pada tahun 1970an, 93% daripada komunikasi berlaku secara non-verbal, iaitu bukan melalui pertuturan. Sebaliknya ianya berlaku melalui bahasa tubuh (body language) dan nada suara. Sebagai seorang ejen Takaful sudah pasti... Read More

5 Qualities Every Successful Agency Manager Should Have

  With technological advances bringing about changes in the customers’ purchasing habits and the agents’ career aspirations, it becomes more important than ever for an agency manager to be flexible and adapt to the current trends to keep the business... Read More

5 Ways to Attract More Insurance Recruits for Your Agency

  Having an ever-growing team of motivated agents is the ultimate dream for any agency manager. But the truth is, high turnover rates remain a key concern for most agencies. If you’re facing this challenge, consider these 5 strategies to... Read More

Why do Malaysians Fear Insurance?

In one of our earlier articles, we spoke about some of the reasons why people may hate insurance. It isn’t so much about hating it, but about fearing it. And why do they fear it? Well most of the time... Read More