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Sales Statistics Every Insurance Agent Needs to Know

Yes one of our main responsibilities as insurance agents is to add value to the lives of those we serve. But let’s admit it, we need sales. After all, we aren’t doing this for free. Sure we can be best... Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Prospects Can’t Make Up Their Minds

  It isn’t often that we get to meet with a prospect who knows exactly what they want after just one appointment. They listen attentively, ask relevant questions and finally say, “Ok, how do I sign up”. The dream prospect!... Read More

Apa Yang Pelanggan Perlukan Daripada Ejen Takaful Mereka

  Ramai yang ceburi bidang ini pada selalunya khuatir adakah kekurangan dari segi pengalaman akan menghalang prospek dari membeli dari mereka. Tetapi prospek sebenarnya tidak terlalu mengambil kisah dengan kekurangan pengalaman seseorang ejen. Apa yang mereka harapkan dari seorang ejen... Read More