What defines success? To some, it is financial wealth and social status. Others may measure success in terms of how happy they are in life, having surrounded by the people they love. The carefree may view themselves successful when they achieve the untroubled live, free from the burden of a 9 to 5 job and the responsibilities that come with it.

To the insurance agent, success usually is not measured only in numbers and figures. It does not only mean hitting those sales targets continuously with growth and progression, but also personal development– that involves one’s confidence, knowledge and skill set, as well as the value one brings to the community.

But what does it take for an agent to achieve this level of success? Is there a magic formula that guarantees it? Although no honest motivational and personal growth guru may boldly declare of such a formula, some powerful mindset is vital in ensuring that success can be achieved.


The 5 mindset of a successful insurance agent

1. Hunger for knowledge

No one can ever possess enough knowledge. The sooner we admit this the sooner we will pave our path towards success. The successful insurance agent is constantly learning new things. Be it in the form of books, videos, when talking to people and observing every moves, even in their moment of quiet self-reflection. They don’t only learn about new development in the insurance industry with its constant and varied new product launches but they also strive to master new skill set.


2. Mental willpower to exercise self-discipline and self-control

Not having the fixed salary at the end of each month regardless of how much (or little) you worked means you need to rely solely on your self-discipline to get yourself out of bed every morning. While self-control keeps you in check, knowing what to do and doing exactly that no matter how tempting it is to do otherwise. Possessing these two vital components ensure that you stay focused on your goals while wasting no time on unproductive activities.


3. Ready to learn from mistakes

Developing the right mindset is crucial to succeed in anything. One of this mindset is seeing failures, errors and mistakes as an opportunity for growth. Many of us sadly see difficulties as a possible sign that we are on the wrong career path. That somehow the right path means a smooth highway, free from obstacles and challenges. The successful insurance agent embraces mistakes, they make learning from mistake their motto. Understanding that the journey to success is a marathon, not a 100 meter sprint.


successful insurance agent

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” – Frank A. Clark


4. Constant strive towards excellence

Someone who is successful now may no longer be successful tomorrow if he is contented, satisfied with all that he has achieved today. Without the desire to constantly improving oneself, all the successes thus far will eventually wither away. A successful insurance agent does not find long-term satisfaction from their accomplishments. Instead, they use these achievements as the baselines in setting their next goals. With each step being higher than the one before, he refuses to remain stagnant, that will not only deprive himself of further success but also of new experiences.


5. The need for balance in every aspect of life

People often speak of work life balance. I.e. the time one allocates between work and other aspects of life. We immediately think of the importance of the time we spend with family, time for personal hobbies, and other social activities. True. But it is crucial for the agent who aspires to be successful to also prioritize their health – physical, mental and emotional. Your success depends a lot on your ability to maintain the balance between the mind, body and spirit. Good physical health, a positive mind, a willful spirit are all crucial ingredients that you need, along with healthy relationship with the people in your life. Areas which are not balanced, can have a negative affect on you and your ability to achieve your goals.


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