It’s no secret that insurance agents probably have the least enviable job, but ask any insurance agent if they love their job and most likely, the answer is a resounding YES! Here are some reasons why:


The 7 Biggest Perks of Being an Insurance Agent

1. You can work from home, a café, or wherever you like

Being a sales-based environment, most agencies allow for insurance agents to work remotely as long as the set targets are achieved. There are usually specific days that agents are required to come in to the office, usually for weekly meetings or training sessions, but other than that, you’re mostly free to work from wherever that works best for you.

Perks of Being an Insurance Agent

Say goodbye to boring cubicles and hello to creative freedom!


2. No two days are ever the same

There’s nothing routine about being in the insurance line – one day you could be catching up with your long-lost best friend from kindergarten, and the next you could be enjoying some salted egg yolk croissants with your newest client. One thing’s for sure – it never gets boring!


3. Travelling is a big part of your job

You’ll travel in many ways, from meeting up with and delivering policies to your clients all around the city, to fun trips around the country to take part in company-wide events. Plus, if you’re a top performer, you’ll be rewarded with traveling to the best parts of the world on those coveted incentive trips!

Perks of Being an Insurance Agent

Hit your targets and you could be off to the best vacation spots.


4. You learn something new everyday

Working as an agent will broaden your knowledge on everything to do with financial planning and beyond. Agencies highly encourage skills development and often provide excellent training to improve yourself professionally and personally. Plus, you’ll be more likely to keep yourself updated on current lifestyle trends to be able to recommend more accurate solutions for your prospects.


5. You’ll surprise yourself

Being an insurance agent sometimes challenges you to do things you never thought you could. It could be overcoming your fear of public speaking when you’re sharing your experiences during a training session, or pressing that ‘Call’ button to talk to a new lead despite your sweaty palms and racing heartbeat. Having exposure to these challenging situations is extremely valuable, and helps make you a stronger person.

Perks of Being an Insurance Agent

You’re much stronger than you think.


6. Your career grows as quickly as you do

Working a conventional corporate job means you would generally have to wait a year to be eligible for an increment, while getting a promotion becomes an increasingly elusive dream in these unstable economic times. In the insurance business, you’re rewarded for your achievements, which means you’re able to increase your earnings every month!


7. You’re making a difference in people’s lives

A big part of what makes an insurance agent’s job rewarding is having the chance to truly help others. You have the power to give someone strong financial support should the unfortunate happen, whether it’s a car accident or losing a loved one, and that’s something to be proud of!

Perks of Being an Insurance Agent

You have the chance to enrich lives, one financial advice at a time.


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