An insurance agent does not complain about being busy. To the agent, a busy schedule is usually a positive indication that he is meeting many prospects, having many requests for quotations and proposals to fulfil and hopefully, delivering more-than-he-could-dream-of policies to new clients!

However, the real challenge is not how to keep yourself busy but how to be productively busy. Meeting 10 prospects everyday may earn you the title for the hardest working agent in your agency and the awe of your colleagues. But if they aren’t the right prospects, you may find yourself with zero sales at the end of the week. So here’s some ways to boost productivity by managing your time more effectively.


Boost Insurance Agents’ Productivity with these 5 Time Management Tips

1. First thing’s first – Never underestimate the power of sleep

Have you had days when you felt energized and ready to conquer the world? And at the end of those days, you felt so much was accomplished and by bed time, with still some energy left in you, you laid down with a huge grin on your face, knowing that the day could not have been anymore perfect.

Here’s the secret, get enough rest. Sleeping at 2am every day will get you a few extra hours of work, but for your body and mind to function optimally, they need rest. You will notice the difference in the quality of your work once you start getting the sleep that you need. So start that today, early to bed (oh and early to rise too)!


2. Now the real work begins – Plan your year, your month, your week, and that’s right, your day

Insurance agents have targets to achieve, numbers to meet. So everything you do with regard to your insurance business, must be towards meeting these numbers. Start by knowing what you need to accomplish this year. Then break down those big goals into smaller ones to be  accomplished every month, every week and every day. The smaller goals may change from time to time so you’ll need to do some corrections and adjustments. Do them quickly without losing sight on the big goals.

Once you have set these different levels of goals, managing them becomes easier. At the same time, they will keep you focused and motivated as these pint-size goals are more realistic and attainable.


3. Your brain can’t store everything so write it all down

No serious. No matter how smart you are, you really can’t remember all the details. So write everything down! Go old school and use a notepad and a pen if you like. Or you may prefer a tablet – whichever works for you!

Think you’re too cool for a to-do list? Never! They are critical in keeping track of all your tasks as well as an excellent tool in keeping you motivated. There’s no better feeling than the satisfaction that you get as you scratch those accomplished  tasks off of your to-do list.


time management tips

You’re never too cool for a to-do list. Trust me.


4. It’s the new era – Automate as much as you can

What era? The digital era of course! Everyone is taking advantage of it. You should too. We’re not going to tell you that you need an active social media page to promote yourself (although you should) since we’re talking about time management here. So instead we’ll tell you to get a good task management tool to keep all your appointments, daily/ weekly tasks as well as set reminders for them. It’s having your to-do list only making it way awesome by going digital!

Automate those routine tasks so you don’t need to keep wasting time on them. Tasks like monthly payment reminders and policy expiry notifications can and should be automated. One app that you can use that doesn’t only remind you of upcoming dates but also sends the same reminder to your clients is iBanding Customer Management System. It’s free so why not? Want to start using it? Sign up here.


time management tips

Get notified on your smartphone of upcoming tasks and appointment and send the same reminder to your customers!


5. Prioritize and organize!

Identify the most important tasks that you need to accomplish before you start your day and make sure by no means you can end your day without completing them. Important tasks may be as big as a meeting with a high profile prospect or as small as returning a phone call from a complete stranger. You can never tell which one will land you a big sale. So know how to organize your tasks.

Never procrastinate and put off simple tasks. Make use of all your idle time. Return phone calls while on the way to a meeting. While waiting for a prospect to show up (and they are always late), catch up on some administrative work or call up a client to ask for referrals. You’d be surprise at how many tasks can be accomplished this way!


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